DNA Activation and Reiki:
A Powerful Combination

by Diana Henderson
Certified Practitioner of DNA Activation, Reiki Master

After DNA Activation, many Reiki practitioners report changes in their healing work and abilities. The most obvious and the first difference many practitioners notice is the increase in the flow of the universal life force energy known as Reiki. Of the numerous practitioners I have activated, one after another has noted this enhanced flow. Some recognized the difference themselves; others only after clients mentioned the change. But the message is clear: Reiki and other healing energies channel more freely and powerfully through the activated practitioner.

I personally detected only a slight increase initially. Although I was a Reiki Master also certified in Therapeutic Breathwork, I still had a lot of healing to do on myself at the time. In the months following DNA activation in January 1999, as I cleared away more and more of my personal "baggage," I realized a gradual opening to the full power of Reiki. In truth, I've come to understand that there is no end to that opening. I continue to channel the energy more clearly.

This increase, however, is only part of the difference. Reiki itself is a powerful healing tool; the same may be said for DNA Activation. Used in conjunction, the DNA Healing Prayer and Reiki offer greater and faster results than anything else I have encountered during my ten-year investigation into alternative healing methods.

This anecdote offers a perfect example. A woman named Lisa signed up for my Reiki I class in August 1999 approximately two months after her second DNA activation. The day before class Lisa fell and broke her right leg.

When I spoke with her later that day, she was terribly disappointed because she felt she could not attend the Reiki class. I offered to drive Lisa to the workshop and do everything possible to make her comfortable during class, and she readily accepted. She also agreed to view her injuries as an opportunity to see how well and quickly she could heal.

Lisa received four Reiki attunements during the two-day course as well as ample treatment from her fellow students. I also reminded her that she could command her DNA strands to heal more quickly. In fact, as Lisa lay on the Reiki table receiving treatment during the first day of class, she got into theta state, said the DNA Healing Prayer and called on her DNA strands to assist in the healing process.

The results were remarkable. Doctors had told Lisa that she would be on crutches for several weeks and would require two to three months to make a complete recovery. After 12 days, Lisa was no longer using crutches, a walker or even a cane. Her boot-style cast was replaced with an air cast, which enabled her to wear normal sandals and maneuver much more easily.

As Lisa said, "People are amazed, including the doctor—in 12 days time I'm back to pretty close to normal. I saw the x-rays and the cracks are barely visible."

Less than a month after her injury, Lisa's x-rays revealed the break had completely healed. She credits a combination of DNA Activation (and Healing Prayer), her Reiki attunements and subsequent self-treatment for her incredibly fast recovery.

Having used the same methods myself on many lesser injuries (including a broken toe that healed overnight), I have found phenomenal results when combining DNA Healing Prayers with Reiki treatments. Other Reiki students/practitioners who have received DNA activations have reported similar outcomes. Lisa's experience helps others recognize the potential of this powerful healing combination.

Yet, even the force of the two healing techniques used in conjunction is not the end of the story. One of the great things about learning Reiki is that for most people it seems to open a doorway to a variety of healing energies available (from the angelic realm, the Unity Consciousness, the Ascended Masters, etc.). If I thought that door was open before activation, I soon discovered it had been merely ajar.

I find now that seldom is a Reiki treatment just that. Since DNA Activation, my awareness of the other healing energies and presences has increased dramatically as has my ability to work with and channel all forms of Light for healing. Now a Reiki or energetic therapy session almost always includes the influx of intuitive messages from guides, angels or healers of the Light along with the additional healing energies they bring.

My work continues to change and blossom as I awaken more and more to the capacity to hear, see, sense and know what my clients need. DNA Activation has opened me more fully to my intuitive and healing gifts and moreover has helped me learn to trust those abilities far more than I did in the past. I feel truly blessed.

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