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Meditation for Birth and Beyond Workshop

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Meditation for Birth and Beyond is a new workshop offered to assist expectant mothers, new mothers and birthing caregivers.

The birth experience is a sacred one between mother, child, father (if present) and those caretakers who bring each precious little one into this world. Because so much of what the world will be is imprinted at the moment of birth and shortly thereafter, those participating in the birth can band together to bring as much love into this event as possible.

Meditation for Birth and Beyond offers techniques to deeply connect mother and child at the moment of birth (or thereafter if necessary). In this workshop, you will learn the following:

  • The importance of the first breath
  • Meditation journey to re-experience your own first breath
  • Meditation on the Three-Fold Flame within the Heart
  • How to Engage your Three-Fold Flame to connect Heart to Heart with your child (or in the case of birthing professionals how to hold energy for this to take place between mother and child at birth)
  • The Mother Mary Blessing - a loving gift from the Divine Mother to ignite the pure mothering love within

The birth experience—whether it is loving and harmonious or fear-based and discordant—sets the tone for the life that will unfold. Depending on the birth, it's possible to imprint joy, a sense of connection, nurturing and love or to imprint a sense of lack, disconnection and dissonance that will create the first and deepest impression on a person's life. A newborn's first perception of this life can be, "The world is a dangerous place filled with pain and I am alone," OR "I am loved and connected and all is well."  Of course, all mothers would choose the latter for their beloved child!

Ensuring that love will imprint rather than fear begins before birth, is vital to the birth experience itself, and flows forth from the moment of birth to a child's entire life. If you already have children, you can access your child's birth in the past and bring love to the experience for a mother and child "reunion." If you are a birthing practitioner, you can help the mother at birth and postpartum to connect heart-to-heart with her child so that both will bond deeply on an energetic level and be able to share a joyful connection throughout life.

In addition, each of us can energetically access our own birth, our own childhood, to send through time into the past the love that was needed, the sense of connection, harmony and joy that will affect us in the here and now. In that sense, this class is for everyone. It is especially helpful, though, for those who are preparing for birth, who have an infant or young child and those who assist in the birthing process.

Cost: Sliding scale of $33 to $66 for the 2-3-hour class ($33 minimum)

I offer classes and sessions in Raleigh, Cary and Willow Spring, North Carolina. This class typically will be held at Peace Tree Village in Raleigh. Contact me by email by clicking here or call 919-552-0524 to sign up or receive more information.

About the Instructor:
When taking my Reiki training in 1997, I began my journey toward self-healing. After becoming a Reiki Master in 1998 and getting certified in DNA Healing Techniques in 1999, I was well on my way, and still there was so much more to learn. In 2000, I became certified in Therapeutic Breathwork, a breathing technique that allows clients in session to re-experience their birth and, most importantly "re-take" their first breath.

After many breathwork sessions that led finally to going through the process myself, I felt the awesome joy of being in the womb, the tumultuous experience of the birth itself, and drew once again the first breath of my life. This time, though, in the safe, loving environment provided by my therapeutic breathing practitioner, I engaged that initial breath without fear, surrounded by love, held in grace. The experience was so profound and healing for me that I decided to learn and become a practitioner of the technique.

In my in-depth cleansing work as well as in the various healing modalities I employ, clients and I focus on clearing issues that go back all the way to the moment of birth. I've been doing this work for myself and with others for many years and have seen the shift in current issues that can happen as a result of clearing/re-patterning those first impressions of what the world has to offer and healing our inner infant and inner child.

Of course, as adults we are much farther away from the actual experience of birth, and those first patterns have been reinforced time and time again throughout our lives. As a result, the work needed to clear and heal those very old wounds and patterns takes much more time, focus and intensive work. Wouldn't it be wonderful to provide what is optimal for wholeness of body/mind/spirit at the outset of one's life?!  That's the intention behind this course.

While I've been a parent in other lifetimes, I wasn't graced with children this time around. Instead, I was called to teach, to mentor, to nurture in other ways. I hold "mother energy" for many loved ones, students and clients and treasure deeply my connection to the Divine Mother essence.  My hope in this work, which is guided by Mother Mary, is to help create a better world for all in the future. That world begins with mothers, those who give birth, nourish and nurture the beautiful spirits finding their way into this world. Profound thanks goes to each one of you, blessed mothers!  ~ Diana Henderson

Meditation Background: My interest in meditation spans over 30 years. I've been teaching and leading guided meditations since the mid-1990s and served as the Healing & Meditations board member for Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship for six years (2000-2006). I include meditation in healing sessions, in classes such as Reiki, Intuition, Crystals and DNA Activation Workshops, and even on occasion in intuitive counseling sessions. Meditation is an integral part of my daily life as well as my work, and I continue to reap countless benefits from its practice.

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