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"I am here to serve the Light. I welcome all who seek to do the same. No matter your belief system or philosophy, the Love of the Divine is ready for you to access. Accept or discard that which is written here according to what resonates with you." ~ Diana

In November 1997, I had a session with a wonderful medium from England named Lillian Edwards. I'd seen Lillian before and knew how powerful and accurate her sessions were. Even so, I was unprepared for and more than skeptical about what she told me that day. "You'll be channeling soon," she said emphatically. "Not me," I replied. "I'll never channel!" What's the old saying, "Never say 'never'"? I was extremely reluctant to channel and more than a little afraid. It meant letting go much more than I wanted. Now I look back at my reluctance and smile. How blessed and joyful I am that I said "yes" to the Light!

In truth, I had agreed to be a "messenger of Light" before I ever came into this life. As a small child, I sang the songs of the Nature Spirits. I recall playing among the flowers and hearing them sing. Many times I would hum along with them, or let their lovely lilting melodies flow through my voice. The faerie of my favorite camelia bush always had a beautiful song to share. In my adult recollections, I assumed I was the one making up these ditties until a meditation communing with the nature spirits reminded me of the truth: Even as a small child, I was channeling the music of nature!

Of course, as is the case for most of us, the world in which I navigated as I grew up had little room for communing with nature spirits, sensing angels or conversing with spirit guides. As I became more immersed in the teachings of the "real world," I allowed my cherished inner wisdom to be diminished and the messages of my heart to go unspoken. Then, I virtually shut down my gifts at age 14 after experiencing a deep trauma.

Thankfully, I had plenty of help from the Light in getting through the years that followed, those times I often refer to now as the Dark Ages of my life. Gradually, as it was meant to unfold, over time I reconnected with the truth of my soul. Opening more and more to my innate intuition and ability to harmonize with the Light, I found my pathway back to the messenger of Light I was meant to be.

I had been doing intuitive readings for several years when in March 1999 I began to include direct messages in my work. A flood of awareness and new abilities accompanied my opening as a messenger of Love. I give thanks and acknowledgement for the help, guidance and support of Jesus, Archangels Michael and Raphael, Metatron, Melchizedek, Mary, and other Light Beings including my own spirit guides and guardian angels and those of my clients.

I continue to grow as a Messenger of Lightand become clearer in my ability to receive and convey wisdom. When I began this work, I worked with loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, my Higher Self (and those of clients). Soon other Light Beings came knocking at my door asking to offer messages. I began experiencing conscious, deep communication with Archangel Michael a great deal beginning in May 1999. What finally became clear in 2000 was that I would primarily be working with a Council of Light comprised of nine Light Beings (Michael, Metatron, Melchizedek, Jesus and Mary among them). All of their energies are beautiful and filled with unconditional Love, and connecting with the members of the Council, one and all, has been the greatest joy of my life. Links to some of their messages appear below.

In recent years, I've realized that once the door is opened, a flood of Light comes through. More and more of my "Friends of Light" have shared their energy in sessions. Now, in addition to the Council of Nine, I oftern receive messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters as well as the Nature Spirits, Elementals and other Light Beings. 

It should be noted that I only "open" that door for that which flows through the Christ Essence to ensure I welcome only Beings of Light in Divine service for the highest good. I have often been asked the question, "How do you know those with whom you communicate are of the Light?" The answer to this is easy: In addition to my lengthy precautions through prayer, intention and assistance from my guardian angels, the surest way to distinguish the source of these messages is that I always feel loved and uplifted when I connect to the Light. The ability to discern shadow from light is vital for my work. The crux of it is this: The Darkness cannot imitate Love; the closest it can come is flattery, appealing to the baser instincts, or the stroking of the ego. Unconditional Love comes only from the Light and is at the heart of all Divine gifts. I feel and accept nothing less than such Love when I open as a messenger for the Light.

One thing you may note about each of the messages I share is that the Light Beings identify themselves at the beginning of each message. This is a guideline I have set up with them through prayer and communion. To them, who speaks is unimportant because they are all One within the Heart and Mind of God, but they understand that we wish to know and, therefore, comply. They ask us to realize that we all can commune with them. They are infinite beings who can communicate with countless individuals at the same time, and they are willing to assist us in hearing their messages when we are ready.
My channeling sessions always begin with a prayer:
Blessed Creator: I ask that you fill me and surround me with Your Love and Light and that you bring forth the Highest and the Best in messages of Love, Light, wisdom and healing. And so it is that I gratefully accept these blessings in the name of God. Thank you! And so it is.

If you live in the Raleigh area and wish to attend a meeting of A Gathering of Angels, please feel free to contact me at 919-552-0524 or email by clicking here. Nothing compares to experiencing this communication with the Light in person and feeling the energies of the Light Beings. I set up a sliding scale for these meetings so that almost anyone can afford to attend.

Aura Photo of Diana, June 2000

Before taking this photo, I invited the Light Beings who work with me, particularly Metatron, to reveal themselves in some way. Thus, the photo shows the appearance of white "wings" to either side of me.

Diana channels Michael, Metatron, Melchizedek and the Council of Light in order to bring forth Divine Light and Love in the world on our path toward Ascension. Links to some of these messages appear below.

Channeled Messages from Spirit

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Channeling 7 Archangel Michael (October 2008)

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