Diana Henderson 
Energetic Therapist

Hastening the journey to Wholeness...

Energetic healing and cleansing sessions that promote wholeness, balance and harmony on all levels

Energetic Therapies

Blocked energy is the primary cause of pain and dis-ease. Energy blockages may occur within the physical, etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual levels of the human energy field. Generally, traumas from the past (this life or another) create these blockages, which need to be cleared in order for healing to occur on the physical level.

Diana is trained and experienced in many types of energetic therapy. She has taken several advanced energy healing classes and is proficient in techniques that enhance health and well-being and assist in chakra clearing and balancing, recovery from trauma, releasing unwelcome energies and behaviors, stress relief and much more. In addition to Reiki, she employs Quantum Touch, Lightwave Energy, Esoteric Healing (based on the works of Alice Bailey), crystal healing , toning (including Tibetan Chakra Toning), visualization and breathwork and also uses some of the techniques of Healing Touch.

All healing sessions include some energetic clearing/cleansing with Archangel Michael to remove unwelcome, detrimental and blocked energies. Note: Cleansing is not the main focus of these sessions. Feel free to schedule a full cleansing session if you prefer that.

Diana is often guided to employ other energetic therapies during her Reiki sessions when it is appropriate for the client. For clients who are uncomfortable with "hands-on" healing, similar results can be achieved through therapies that primarily take place within the other levels of the energetic field (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Cost for energetic therapy sessions (incuding crystal healing) is a *sliding scale of $65 to $85 for a one-hour, full-body session (Veterans' discount: donation of choice). A half-hour, targeted session is a sliding scale of $40 to $50 ($40 minimum for half hour)

*A sliding scale allows for leeway regarding cost based on your financial situation. The minimum for a one-hour session is $65, but you may offer more if your finances allow you to do so comfortably.

Occasionally, Diana makes house calls; the cost for these sessions is $90 minimum (in Raleigh, Garner, Eastern and central Cary, Fuquay-Varina or parts of Apex). Diana is available by appointment at The Bodywork Center of Cary (directions) and on the first Thursday and third Tuesday of each month in Raleigh. On rare occasions, she holds sessions in Greensboro. All sessions are by appointment only. Contact Diana by email by clicking here or call 919-264-0159 to schedule a session.

Payment by check is cash is typical. If you wish to use a credit card, please click on the Donate button below to connect to www.paypal.com and enter the amount of the service you have chosen (plus $3 processing fee).

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