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Regression Therapy

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Past Life Regression

Many people believe that we carry past life traumas and injuries into the current life. We may even repeat the same patterns in hopes of finding a better resolution this time around. Whether one believes in past lives or karma or feels that we simply carry the cellular memory of our ancestors, regression has helped many people to heal those deeply buried wounds that the conscious mind may not understand.

There are several techniques for accessing past lives. Diana utilizes Reiki and guided imagery to help clients regress to a former lifetime. The process is simple, gentle and generally quite effective.*

After making a subconscious connection with a powerful Reiki technique, Diana leads the client to a place of safety from which to choose a past life to access. The client then consciously travels to that time and describes what is seen, felt or experienced as he or she moves through the past life.

Most clients "enter" the past life as a child (usually age 4-6). After experiencing as much as they wish at that age, clients are guided forward to other important points in the lifetime and continue to relate their experiences.

Diana maintains a conscious connection to the client and is able to assist him or her to move past any part of the experience that is too uncomfortable or disturbing. Most people, however, choose to access past life trauma in order to release its present life manifestation.

*If you are a good subject for hypnosis, chances are this technique will work for you with equal success. If you are not, then you may be better served to find another method and practitioner.

Cost and Frequency of Regression Sessions…
Diana is available by appointment for private sessions in Cary at The Bodywork Center of Cary
(directions). Cost is $65.00. Most sessions last about an hour and include a few minutes of energy cleansing prior to the regression. Diana generally recommends that clients wait at least a month between sessions so that they may have time to process the results. There may be some past life "bleed-through" for a day or two following regression. Whenever possible, clients should schedule a regression when they will have a day or two off from work (e.g., on a Friday afternoon). Diana is available to assist clients with post-regression experiences.

Related Sessions…
Diana also offers past life readings related to current life issues and karmic cleansing sessions to release detrimental karma related to issues, events or relationships. Cleansing sessions provide considerable help in processing the past life experience. Karmic cleansing sessions to release karmic wounds, debt or detritus make a great follow-up to past life regression.

Another excellent follow-up to past life work is Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration. As the Ascension energies flood the planet, many new processes for accessing soul gifts are likely to come into being. This one was given to Diana by Spirit in part to help us acclimate to the heightened energies we now absorb by embodying the soul gifts that we have known in other lifetimes. Another purpose of this technique involves accessing, clearing and integrating lost aspects of the psyche or soul that we left behind. 

Potential Results of Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration:

  • Heightened spiritual connection
  • Deeper understanding of your journey
  • Awakening of soul gifts (possibly right away though generally done over time as you download them from the I Am Presence)
  • Energetic integration of issues (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Empowerment of soul purpose
Cost: Sliding Scale of $99 to $144 for a full hour (It typically only takes a quarter to half an hour and can follow past life regression or precede a karmic cleansing session.)

For more information or to schedule a session, call 919-264-0159 or email Diana by clicking here.

Choosing a Regression Facilitator…
It is recommended that you seek a facilitator with whom you feel comfortable. There is an energetic and subconscious bond between the client and the person leading the regression. For this reason, it is best to find someone whom you feel you can trust.

Regression Class
As a free bonus for her Reiki II classes, Diana teaches her Reiki students the process of performing past life regression with the same technique she uses. This class is available to those who have taken Reiki II from other teachers for a fee of $25 provided that they took Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and learned all the symbols.

Personal Experience
I recognize that not everyone agrees with the idea of multiple lifetimes and honor anyone's choice to accept only what resonates with personal beliefs. Although the notion of other lives was foreign to me in the way I was taught, I had an undeniable connection early on to other lifetimes. 

Many times I dreamed of experiences far from my own life. As a child, I often awakened from recurrent dreams in which I was a French man, and the entire dream was expressed in French, a language which at the time I had never heard. I have no French ancestry, but I had memories of a life in which I lived in France. I also dreamed of lives in the British Isles in both Victorian and Medieval times, in ancient Egypt and ancient Jerusalem among other locales. As a child, I thought these dreams were too strange to share with others and simply processed them as best I could.

As an adult, I found regression and was able to experience some of these lifetimes, to feel the joy of swimming with dolphins during my life as a fisherman on a South Seas island, to relive my experience as a court seer and astrologer in England, to recall my life as a literary critic and closet poet in Victorian England, to meet beloved Jeshua in ancient Jerusalem, where I was a motherless girl who lived as a servant to my father and much older brother. These and several other experiences from past lives have returned to my consciousness through regression therapy, and I have been able to access helpful truths and insights from these situations that allowed me to more consciously walk my path in this life.

Regression may not be for everyone, but it is an excellent tool for those who are open enough to access other lives.

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