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"I am here to serve the Light. I welcome all who seek to do the same. Call me only if you are willing to change your life and open to your destiny." ~ Diana

Are you ready to begin to consciously walk your soul path with intent and awareness? Sometimes when clients first visit me, it's like stepping a toe into the waters of truth. I act as a key to unlock answers from your Higher Self by offering direct guidance that can heal, transform, inspire and energize.

Whether you are dealing with relationship or abundance issues, physical or emotional concerns or you simply wish to enhance your connection to the Divine, I offer assistance in the healing, or rather the wholeness process, in finding the answers that will align you with your Higher Self, and in bringing the insight that will help you to welcome greater harmony and balance in all aspects of your life.

About Diana's Readings: Diana Henderson has been doing intuitive readings for several years and over time has expanded her work to include spirit mediumship and trance channeling. Her readings generally consist of a combination of clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing) and light-to-medium trance. Diana communicates with your Higher or Spiritual Self, your guardian angels, spirit guides and other Light Beings who assist you in order to enlighten the path before you.

Sessions may include aura reading, body scanning, answers to life issues such as career, health, relationships and more. Readings often speak to life or soul purpose, and quite frequently clients may feel a keener sense of direction and determination afterward. In many instances, spiritual readings can provide a healing on some level. Diana is totally guided by Spirit while performing readings or doing healing work and includes whatever comes forth from Source. She acknowledges the help, guidance and support of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Zadkiel, Metatron, Melchizedek, Jesus, Mary, and other Light Beings including her own spirit guides and guardian angels and those of her clients. 

Diana feels that everyone is psychic and able to achieve a sense of spiritual connection. She also believes that individuals must take an active role in healing themselves. Through DNA Healing Techniques, Reiki training and more, Diana focuses on opening individuals to their own psychic and healing gifts and enhancing their spiritual connection. She teaches classes in Reiki , Angels , Meditation , Crystals  and Intuition  as well as DNA Activation Workshops . Readings may be done by phone (by appointment) as well as in person for those who live in North Carolina. Diana is happy to record phone readings and mail tapes to clients. She may be reached at 919-552-0524 or online at pulsarstar55@earthlink.net.

Cost for one-hour intuitive reading: $75.00 ($65.00 by phone or in Willow Spring).

Cost for half-hour intuitive reading: $40.00

Cost for a private channeling (entirely channeled reading): $144.00

Cost for tape: $5.00 (plus shipping/handling if mailed)

Diana is available by appointment at The Whole Life Center, 1209 Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC (directions ), every Tuesday and also sees clients at Avatarian Awakenings in Raleigh as needed at other times during the week. Telephone appointments are also available ($65). She sometimes holds sessions in Greensboro as well. (One-hour intuitive sessions outside Willow Spring are $75.00.) All sessions are by appointment only.

Diana generally begins all her intuitive counseling/reading sessions with a brief clearing of the client's energy field. This process takes only a few (3-5) minutes of the session in most cases. Once unwelcome or detrimental energies are cleansed from the energy bodies, information may be communicated by the Higher Self, angels and guides with greater clarity. While this mini-cleansing is optional, Diana strongly recommends it for anyone who wishes to receive the highest and best guidance possible. An added benefit in many cases is that clients leave feeling lighter than when they came.

"After spending much of my life trying to hide from my intuitive gifts, that inner voice of Spirit finally won the battle to align me with my own life purpose so that I could help others do the same. My greatest joy is to envision the unique expression of Divinity within each person. I offer classes and sessions designed to awaken and enhance your healing and intuitive gifts. My work involves several modalities—sowing the seeds of Light in many forms—to quicken our journey and illuminate the pathway ahead. Get in touch if you feel the call of your spirit to partake in the adventure."

Aura Photo of Diana, June 2000

Before taking this photo, I invited the Light Beings who work with me, particularly Metatron, to reveal themselves in some way. Thus, the photo shows the appearance of white "wings" to either side of me.

Diana channels Archangel Michael, Metatron and the Council of Light in order to bring forth Divine Light and Love in the world on our path toward Ascension. Links to some of these messages appear below.

Channeled Messages from Spirit

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Channeling 3 Raphael Speaks on Addiction
Channeling 4 Jesus Speaks on Intolerance
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Channeling 6 Mary Speaks on the Feminine Divine Energy, Jesus Offers Healing

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