From the Ashes We Arise

A Poem by Diana Henderson

In Honor of the Inauguration of Barack Obama
and in Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 20, 2009

No words do justice to an unjust past
But on this day let all souls speak
Of sacrifices never forgotten,
Hearts aching, bodies bruised, breaking, buried,
Those whose courage paved the passage,
Their spirits strong, hope and faith undying,
Rise in the light of a new day.
We stand hushed in reverent remembrance,
Of the King who electrified the dream
And blazed into our minds the vision of what could be,
The prospect of peace, the promise of equality.
Those who fought and died stand with us today unseen,
Cheers and cries of joy unheard,
Yet, their spirits rejoice to witness this beginning
As together, hand in hand, we take one step into a new age.

© 2009 Diana Henderson

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