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Author of Grandfather Poplar, a novel for the youth in all of us

Inspirational Writing

I began writing poetry at age 9 and amassed quite a volume by the time I entered my teens. From early childhood on, I channeled the light through song—both tunes and lyrics—that I sang aloud with and to the trees, the rocks, the water in the brook behind our house, the Earth herself. I carried on conversations with those same elements and Earth essences. Together we (the Nature Spirits and I) envisioned worlds of imagination and created a haven of peace and serenity. In those moments alone with Nature, I knew my greatest childhood joy and I could see the world as it was meant to be: a place where love reigned and everything was beautiful. I never stopped envisioning that world.

My writing background includes a BA degree in English, specialization in writing, from East Carolina University in 1980. I later went to graduate school at UNCG for teaching certification. For years thereafter, I continued to take classes in writing just for the fun of it! I remember fondly my greatest teachers: Terry Davis, author of Vision Quest (made into a film), Mysterious Ways and If Rock and Roll Were a Machine, John W. Warren, ultra-strict journalism professor at ECU, and Orson Scott Card, award-winning author of Ender's GameSpeaker for the DeadXenocide and many more.

After spending a few years teaching English, I used my talents by working as a graphic designer and copywriter. But my love for writing fiction and poetry never waned. Although my life centers around spiritual counseling and healing now, I still write the occasional verse or story when inspiration hits, and the Muse often brings gifts from Spirit.

On my 60th birthday in December 2015, I published my first novel, Grandfather Poplar, as an e-book on Amazon.com.  It's the story of a 14-year-old girl whose world revolves around her dearest friends, the trees, with whom she has communicated much of her life. Here's a bit about the story: 

"Melissa Kincaid has a secret that she shares with no one—something that makes her different from everyone else in her life. She communicates with trees and with one elder poplar whom she calls Grandfather. The spirit of her ancestor, a Cherokee medicine man, watches over her and takes her into another realm in her dreams. A world exists beyond this one, and she keeps this truth completely to herself—until the day she meets Arthur, a Cherokee boy who has seen her in his own dreams. Together they fight to save the forest that is home to her dearest companions, the trees, and to her own heart."

Visit GrandfatherPoplar.com for more information about the book and the latest blogs (mostly poetry), or buy the book on Amazon by clicking here.

This page will be updated from time to time with my writings and ramblings. Here are a few poems and a couple of stories. All works are copyrighted and may not be printed or distributed without my consent. I occasionally give permission to groups to use my inspirational stories/poems in their programs. Please get in touch if you wish to permission for such use. 

From the Ashes We Arise
Medicine Woman
The Dark Ages: A Dreamer's Tale
The Eagle in His Glory
Sweet Dreaming Soul

A Song from the Silence
Farewell to Winter
Build the Magic Dream
Springtime Dreams
More Springtime Reflections
After an Evening Rain

Earth Day Poem
The Essence of Mother
Mother: The Heart of Home
Guardian of Light
A Christmas Poem
Forever Home (A Farewell to My Favorite Cat)

Short Stories
The Pearl
Glenda's Gift of Love (A sentimental Christmas story! This one has been used by church groups and families.) 

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