Medicine Woman

Diana Henderson

Medicine Woman shares secret wisdom
Passed down from Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers
And all the women of Earth
Who danced in moonlight and sang the old chants and nursed the children,
Who tended the cookpot and tanned the hides and mended the hearts,
Who gathered the herbs and ground the corn and healed the wounds
And walked tall and brown and bountiful beneath the Sun.

Medicine Woman brings silver light,
Shimmering gifts from ancient ancestors and ethereal ones
And all the beings of Cosmos
Who bask in moonglow and dream the old chants and nurture new life,
Who tend the hungry and clothe the helpless and mend the spirits,
Who gather the energies and make the magic and heal the broken worlds
And fly high and light and gentle among the Stars.

Medicine Woman gives mind, heart and spirit
To family, friends and lost and lonely strangers,
To all creatures who travel with her on Earth
Who feel the pull of the Moon and forget the old chants and live as children,
Who feel the hunger of the soul and the cold and pain of the Modern Age,
Who search for a miracle and ache for the magic and breathe the wounds
And wait and watch and hope for the Dawn.

© 1995 Lillian D. Henderson

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