white oak treeEarth Day Poem
(written for Earth Day 2010)

by Diana Henderson

Globe of wonder, marvelous clime,
Radiant heart, beauty sublime,
I bathe in your cloudless blue skies
And wash in your soft, windy sighs,
Fly over silken ocean waves
And descend into deep sea caves,
Swim in golden rays of sunlight
And submerge into moon-soaked night,
Seek solace in your loamy earth
And sprout in your springtime rebirth.
May summer grow gracious and green;
May fall harvest a vivid scene,
Winter whisper a world serene
And melt into glorious spring
Until peace we at last unfold
In an ageless age ever gold.

© 2010 L. Diana Henderson
Photo © 2009 L. Diana Henderson

Photo of White Oak in Wake County, North Carolina,
taken by Diana Henderson in 2009.
Copyright 2009 L. D. Henderson

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