The Eagle in His Glory

for my beloved father Worth Dewey Henderon, who is now in spirit
(written for Father's Day 1994)

Diana Henderson

In your daughter’s eyes,
You have always been the eagle.
As she watched you soar and rise,
You were forever regal.
That white-headed bird of prey
Was never bolder nor more proud
As he flew above the fray,
As he soared among the clouds.
I watched you tell your stories
And saw your eyes begin to shine
As you feasted on the glory
Of that moment so sublime
When you captured our attention
As the eagle finds his prey,
And we followed your ascension
To the punchline of the day.
To your young eaglets you brought gifts
Of wisdom, strength and laughter
That to this day my heart relives
And will forever after.
Wit still illuminates those eyes
Of shimmering pale slate blue,
And you never could disguise
That heart so noble and true.
Your intellect yet climbs the heights
In worlds of imagination;
In favorite books you take flight
And reach higher elevations.
Our white-haired majestic eagle,
Your talons may not be as sharp now
As when you fought the battles legal;
Your feathers may be weathered as your brow,
But you have won far greater wars
In age than e’er in youth;
You have learned what life is for
And found the greatest truth —
To be a man who loves his wife,
His children and his friends,
To give love each day of your life
From a fount that knows no end.

© 1994 Diana Henderson

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