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Communicating with Tree Spirits

There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.” ~ Minnie Aumonier

Listen to all the teachers in the woods. Watch the trees, the animals and all the living things--you'll learn more from them than books.” ~ Joe Coyhis

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If you've found this page, then you probably feel a special bond with the animal kingdom. Animals, both in nature and as our companions/pets, serve as our teachers in many ways. If you would you like to communicate with your animal companions or learn more about what the animals in nature have to share, this workshop is for you. 

Communication with Animals (Basic Training)
DATE TBD, 3-4-hour class
Location TBD
Facilitated by: Diana Henderson
Cost: $60

Communicating with the animals is easy when you center and align with love. At this workshop, we'll discuss and commune with the animals. The first portion of the class consists of instruction. The remainder involves (1) a live demonstration of the techniques, and (2) student participation and practice. We end the class by discussing what the animals shared.

This workshop will include:
  • Guidance on communicating with animals
  • Exercises to connect and communicate with animals
  • Meditation journey to reconnect with pets now in spirit
  • Information on animal totems
This workshop will be held at the home of a participant who has a number of animal companions with whom to communicate and access to the outdoors (get in touch if you feel you might be a candidate). Class size will be determined by location. The class is both indoors and outdoors.
What to Bring:
Attendees will want to wear comfortable clothes, preferably something light in color, good walking shoes and some form of insect repellant. Bring water, a blanket (and yoga mat and/or cushion if you wish), notebook and pen and any other items for your personal needs.

Other classes that may be of interest:

  • Nature Spirits Workshop 
  • Tree Spirit Communication Class
  • Crystals & Healing Stones Workshop

  • In addition, at least a couple of times each year, we discuss aspects of Nature and the invisible realms of planet Earth at A Gathering of Angels monthly meetings.

    You're invited to visit GrandfatherPoplar.com to learn about my novel and read the latest blogs (mostly poetry), or buy the book on Amazon by clicking here.


    As a child, my best friends were my dog Laddie, my many feline companions and all the realm of Nature. I was blessed to share my life with many animal species beyond the norm. In addition to the family horse and a very long-lived hamster, we raised and nurtured squirrels that fell from the nest too soon, rabbits, ducks, and numerous other critters. Truth be told, if you ever watched the Beverly Hillbillies, I was rather like Ellie Mae! No animals who needed the help of my siblings and me would ever be turned away. Luckily, our parents were patient and loved animals too.

    The animals were true and dear companions who never failed me. When I needed them, they were always present to provide a loving caress, two listening ears and plenty of messages to cheer me. My connection to them and sense of joy at their presence in my life has never diminished!

    After a hiatus of living in the "real" world, I returned to my roots in adult life as I came more into my own and remembered the truth of my soul!

    Although I have read many books on working with the unseen realms of Mother Earth, the majority of my education has come from the Nature Spirits themselves along with the guidance of my primary spirit guide and ancestor, who was a Medicine Man in his lifetime. I hope you'll join me for this workshop to remember the fun and fancy of childhood dreams and accept once again the joy of living in harmony with the fairies, tree spirits, animal spirits, elementals and all that is the magical realm of the nature spirits!

    In December 2015, I published my first novel, Grandfather Poplar, as an e-book on Amazon.com.  It's the story of a 14-year-old girl whose world revolves around her dearest friends, the trees, with whom she has communicated much of her life. Here's a bit about the story:

    "Melissa Kincaid has a secret that she shares with no one—something that makes her different from everyone else in her life. She communicates with trees and with one elder poplar whom she calls Grandfather. The spirit of her ancestor, a Cherokee medicine man, watches over her and takes her into another realm in her dreams. A world exists beyond this one, and she keeps this truth completely to herself—until the day she meets Arthur, a Cherokee boy who has seen her in his own dreams. Together they fight to save the forest that is home to her dearest companions, the trees, and to her own heart."   ~ Diana

    Intuitive, Messenger of Light and Reiki Master Teacher Diana Henderson practices several alternative healing modalities and teaches classes in all levels of Reiki, Angels & Archangels, Energy Cleansing, Channeling, Intuition, Crystals, Meditation and DNA Activation, and facilitates Order of Archangel Michael initiations.  Much of her work as a healer/teacher/messenger focuses on assisting others in opening to their gifts and enhancing their spiritual connection—hastening the journey to enlightenment.

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