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The Invisible Realms of Mother Earth Outdoor Workshop:       
Communicating with the Nature Spirits
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Communicating with the Nature Spirits

Next Class Date and Location TBD
Facilitated by: Diana Henderson
RSVP: 919-552-0524 or by email
Cost: $33 - $55 (sliding scale - $33 minimum)

Explore the invisible realms that share the journey with us here on Earth! At this outdoor workshop, we'll discuss and commune with the nature spirits and elementals.  Become more aware of their presence in your life, and learn to work and play with them to heal your heart and bring balance to your life and to the Earth.

This workshop will include:
  • Guidance on working and playing with the unseen realms of Mother Earth
  • Meditation journeys among the nature spirits
  • Exercises to connect and communicate with tree spirits, to connect deeply with the earth, to commune with air and water
  • Exploration of animal and plant totems
  • Message from the nature spirits present to bring inspiration, fun, wisdom and light
What to Bring: Attendees will want to wear comfortable clothes, preferably something light in color, good walking shoes and, for those who wish to, some form of (preferably natural) insect repellant. Bring water, a blanket (and yoga mat and/or cushion if you wish), notebook and pen and any other items for your personal needs. Note: Indoor restrooms will be available on site.

About the Location: Spirit Junction is a 5-acre piece of heaven conveniently located between Garner and Clayton 2mi from Hwy 70 off I-40. 2004 brought beavers to dam up the creek so we have reflective pools to sit beside and hear the trickle of water as it spills over their dam. 2006 brought an otter for a period to share its call to remember to play and enjoy life; in doing so you shine healing light into the world. Ever present are the turkey buzzards soaring in bunches of 3-10 as well as an occassional blue herin or hawk, not to mention all the other feathered spirits lending their grace and beauty to the area. Spirit Junction is a nurturing, healing, sacred and fun place to hold an outdoor workshop or ceremony using the labyrinth and/or firepit. Learn more at www.SpiritJunction.com.


Perhaps my Celtic and Cherokee ancestry contributes to my enchantment with the nature spirits; certainly my affinity with the unseen realms of Mother Earth goes back to my early life when I loved to explore and "commune" with nature. As a little girl growing up in a rural setting, I embraced and talked with the trees, harmonized with the nature spirits as they sang sweet, melodic songs through me, collected, hugged and delighted in the magic of stones and listened to the wisdom of the wind, earth and water. After a hiatus of living in the "real" world, I returned to my roots in adult life as I came more into my own and remembered the truth of my soul!

Although I have read many books on working with the unseen realms of Mother Earth, the majority of my education has come from the Nature Spirits themselves along with the guidance of my primary spirit guide and ancestor, who was a Medicine Man in his lifetime. I hope you'll join me for this workshop to remember the fun and fancy of childhood dreams and accept once again the joy of living in harmony with the fairies, tree spirits, animal spirits, elementals and all that is the magical realm of the nature spirits! ~ Diana

Intuitive, Messenger of Light, and Reiki Master Teacher Diana Henderson practices several alternative healing modalities and teaches classes in all levels of Reiki, Angels & Archangels, Energy Cleansing, Channeling, Intuition, Crystals, Meditation and DNA Activation, and facilitates Order of Archangel Michael initiations.  Much of her work as a healer/teacher/messenger focuses on assisting others in opening to their gifts and enhancing their spiritual connection—hastening the journey to enlightenment.

Cost for this event is a sliding scale of $33 to $55 for this workshop when paid in person. An addition of $3 is asked to cover Paypal fees for those using this method of payment. Click on the Donate button to pay using Paypal.com. A minimum of $36 must be entered to purchase.

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