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Energetic healing and cleansing workshops and sessions that promote wholeness, balance and harmony on all levels

Sword of Flames

"People regularly take showers, but when was the last time you scrubbed behind the ears of your subtle bodies? By using the techniques I learned in this workshop [Cleansing with the Archangels], I found not only a way to maintain my 'spiritual hygiene' but a means of cultivating a stronger connection with the Divine." ~ O. M., Raleigh
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Because Energetic Cleansing provides clarity and paves the way for deepened, lasting healing/wholeness for ourselves and the planet, I was led to offer workshops that impart tools for the cleansing process. I teach Cleansing with the Archangels, a beginner/intermediate level class for personal needs, and Archangel Michael's Spiritual Warrior's Cleansing Series, an in-depth series of workshops for intense cleansing. The first class is ideal for those who are empathic and clairsentient as well as anyone who wants to feel lighter and more at peace. The Spiritual Warrior classes are meant for those who plan to dedicate themselves to regular full cleansing.

Cleansing with the Archangels: Personal Protection and Clearing Workshop

Do you feel blocked in your healing process? Would you like to jump start your spiritual awareness and development? Are you ready to invite greater clarity and connection to guidance? Do the feelings/moods/sensations of others seem to cling to you? Does it seem that your finances, work or relationships need an overhaul? 

If you answered affirmatively to these questions, then the Personal Protection and Clearing Workshop may be just the solution you seek. This introductory workshop offers some of the basic tools that can assist you in all areas of your life by removing energies that block your progress. Learn to transmute detrimental energies and obstacles with the aid of the Archangels. 

Discover techniques to:
  • Protect your psyche from moods, emotions, sensations and thoughtforms of others
  • Enhance energetic protection
  • Cut cords of attachment that leech your energy
  • Cleanse your consciousness and energy field
  • Release old emotional wounds and energy blockages
  • Release karmic ties
  • Clear your environment of unwelcome energies
  • Several of the Archangels assist with the training in this workshop. Archangel Michael's Sword of Light transmutes darkness and detrimental energy through ultimate, unconditional Love, restoring it to the Light of Source, his Shield provides a safe haven for cleansing to take place, and his cobalt blue-white flame blazes through blockages. The Violet Transmuting Flame of Zadkiel, Archangel of Ascension, Mercy and Transmutation, brings light to assist in cleansing karma and releasing karmic ties, forgiving ourselves and others in order to heal old wounds, and trapping and transmuting detrimental energies. Metatron, who leads the Archangels, offers a tool for cleansing the energy field, the body and our personal space. Archangels Rapahel and Chamuel offer healing light and divine love to provide support in the wholeness process, and Gabriel paves the way for deeper communication and clarity during the cleansing.

    Benefits of regularly employing the tools gained from this class may include:
  • Generally feeling lighter and more at peace,
  • Reduced anxiety or stress,
  • Renewed energy and vitality,
  • Greater mental/emotional clarity,
  • Increased sense of awareness and clarity,
  • Enhanced ability to heal and open to sustained wholeness.**

    Cost for Cleansing with the Archangels: Personal Clearing Workshop is $99 ($88 for Order of Michael members). (Please note: There are no discounts if using PayPal; the button above is for full price payments only.)

    If interested in booking an Energetic Cleansing session or signing up for the workshop, contact Diana by email by clicking here or call 919-264-0159.

    **Note: Cleansing does not take the place of healing work but rather acts as a prelude to it so that greater and more lasting results may be achieved. We still have to work on healing the issues that formed blockages and allowed detrimental energies to be present.

          "I have been consciously... practicing spiritual practices for over 25 years, and at this time of both personal and global transformation (paradigm shifting), this workshop has been one of the most Powerful for experiencing my inner power EVER! One my path, Siddha Yoga, emphasis this year is on experiencing our inner power. So great!
          "Anyhow, as soon as I entered the room I went into meditation and felt the room full of sacred energy and the big kahunas - our beloved Archangels. So when it came time for each of the cleansing exercises, I felt such profound shifts and had wonderful experiences.
          "In particular, the last cleansing of the karmic ties was the most auspicious for me, as I released a significant relationship (father) that was mostly very unhealthy... and felt after the release I had reclaimed the (masculine) power I had been healing and healing and healing.... I felt such deep peace and a newness I haven't felt in years, it seems.
          "And this morning when I awoke, it was the first time in a long time I felt positive self talk, optimistic and trusting on a level I forgot about! So much ancient patterning and thoughts and belief systems washed away. I feel NO NEGATIVITY in relationship to my biological father.... I know in my heart I am DONE with karma with him. Now I release him on his journey and bless him on his way.
          "Thank you for offering this opportunity that I clearly was ready for. Now I feel like I can go back into the corporate world (if need be for the time being) and work until I develop my own [work]."
    ~ Christina

    "After taking your class we have begun a daily practice of cleansing and healing. Each morning we light candles and follow the guidelines you gave us for putting up our protection, grounding, cleansing and healing, and we can say that our days go much smoother. We also picture this loving energy going out to our loved ones and ask for special healing energy to those we know of who are in need of some extra help. This practice has enriched our spiritual lives and it is a wonderful way to start our day. We would recommend your class to anyone who would like to enrich their journey and learn some simple and very useful techniques." ~ Donna

  • Archangel Michael's Spiritual Warriors Clearing and Cleansing Class Series

    Pre-requisites: This advanced series of three classes in profound cleansing methods is limited to Order of Archangel Michael members because they have made the commitment to work with Archangel Michael. The second pre-requisite is having taken Diana's Intuition workshops (parts 1 and 2) OR (1) working already as an intuitive for an extended period of time or (2) having a strong, lifelong proficiency in intution.

    As founder of the Order of Archangel Michael and a channel for Michael's energy, I have been guided to work extensively to clear, cleanse and transmute *darkness.  I use energetic cleansing techniques as an integral part of healing sessions, to facilitate clarity in readings and to clear unwelcome energies in homes, offices and other locations (see space clearing).  (In-depth cleansing sessions are available to those who have exhausted other methods and need extra help in their clearing/healing process.)

    Workshop 1: Discarnates: Helping earthbound souls make their journey into Spirit
    Workshop 2: Cleansing/Transmuting Dark Energies, Parasites and Lower Level Entities
    Workshop 3: Cleansing/Transmuting Higher Level Entities

    These powerful workshops provide the tools and techniques that are required to do in-depth, complete cleansing, to transmute darkness into Light and return all into the Oneness of Source. In addition to instruction and demonstration by Diana in the cleansing techniques, workshop participants will have an opportunity to practice quite a bit in these classes so that they may come away with both the knowledge and experience needed to do this work. Much of the workshops will involve using the techniques.

    The first workshop focuses on working with Archangel Michael and other Light Beings to assist earthbound spirits who failed to go into the Light when they passed into spirit. Workshop includes:

  • Archangel Michael's Spiritual Warrior attunement
  • Shielding, Protection and Grounding techniques
  • Developing sensitivities and intuition
  • Recognizing discarnates
  • Techniques for assisting discarnates to the Other Side
  • Ethics of cleansing work
  • The second and third workshops train participants in techniques for identifying, removing and transmuting dark or detrimental energies in the body and the energy field. You will learn to work with Archangel Michael (as well as other Light Beings) to use your inner Sword of Light (awakened during the Order of Michael initiation) and other cleansing tools in the process of transmutation and cleansing for yourself, for clients, loved ones, pets, for homes, businesses and other environments and for the planet. More complete descriptions of the workshop series are available to Order of Archangel members upon request. If interested, contact Diana by email by clicking here or call 919-552-0524.

    Each of these workshops costs $144, which includes the five-hour workshop and a private certification session. Payment may be made in installments when necessary. Certification in the techniques is available for those who complete the additional requirements (passing written and oral exams for each workshop).

    Payment for training ($144):
    [Note: Those who sign up for both the Order of Michael initiation and the Spiritual Warrior Cleansing Class series together receive a discount of $22 on the First Spiritual Warrior class.)

    This upper-level series of Order of Archangel Michael workshops is not for everyone. Cleansing work requires strong commitment, intense focus and a deep willingness to serve the cause of enlightening all.

    These classes were developed by Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor and Channel Diana Henderson along with her colleague Reiki Master Julia Hanline based on guidance and training from Archangel Michael.  This training is spiritual and energetic in nature and is not aligned with any particular system of religious beliefs.

    *Darkness refers to any energy that does not recognize itself as part of the Oneness, existing in the illusion of separateness from the Divine totality. (This usage has no relation to yin and yang, feminine and masculine, which are a natural part of all of us.)

    Diana aura photo
    As founder of the Order of Archangel Michael, I have been guided to
    hasten the journey to enlightenment by working as a healing arts practitioner, teacher and messenger of the Light. As part of this journey, I became a Reiki Master Teacher and completed certification in Therapeutic Breathwork and DNA Activation.  My long-time interest in metaphysics coupled with a need for healing led me to the study and practice of many alternative health modalities. It felt like "coming home" to the work I was meant to do. During my years of study, I've taken courses in Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Quantum Touch, Chakra Toning, Muscle Testing, Parapsychology, Spirituality, Dreams, Tarot, Medicine Wheel and Astrology among many, many others on this path of remembering what my spirit already knew.

    Most recently I was guided to "birth" a wonderful new healing modality, Sacred Heart Soul Healing (SHSH). After using the techniques on clients over the course of two years (2012-2014), I began teaching the first level class. Through sessions as well as training others, I continue to learn more and the process grows, and shifts with the unfolding blessings of Spirit. I am ever grateful to Beloved Jeshua and the Ascended Masters and Archangels of Light for giving me the guidance and understanding of how to do and present this modality.

    In April 1995, my husband and I founded a group devoted to spiritual and psychic exploration. Through the years we went on to found Metatron's Circle channeling group, the Order of Archangel Michael, Metatron's Light Brigade and A Gathering of Angels. All are devoted to the expansion of consciousness and healing of the planet.
    In the past, I've worked as a graphic designer, writer and high school English teacher. I feel that all these areas contribute to the path I walk now as teacher, spiritual
    /intuitive counselor, Ascension Artist and healing facilitator.

    Licensed by the State of North Carolina in the Art of Healing
    Member,  International Association of Reiki Professionals

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