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Energetic Clearing & Cleansing

Energetic healing and cleansing sessions that promote
wholeness, balance and harmony on all levels

Sword of Flames

PLEASE NOTE: After many years of doing this work, I am taking a hiatus from this type of heavy-duty cleansing work, because it is quite energetically intense for me. I am still offering karmic cleansing sessions, and of course, healing sessions will continue to incorporate some energy cleansing. In addition, Sacred Heart Soul Healing has its own methodologies for cleansing. However, if you are seeking some of the other more intense aspects of auric energy cleansing—whether for clearing your personal energy or your space—I can recommend a number of excellent practitioners including quite a few who have been trained by me. Please contact me via email if you would like a referral. Thank you!

Testimonials: I wanted to drop you a note about the work we did this past Tuesday. I am a psychic and have been doing professional readings for over 20 years. This work has rendered me a true skeptic.... I rarely if ever allow people "into" my energy much less work with it. I had searched the internet for over a week looking for answers to my two-year lethargy. As I am a devoted yoga practitioner, I assumed it was part of the process to be in physical, mental and emotional pain as I was working through the layers of my persona through asana. My session with you renewed my vitality, balanced my physical body, opened my heart and calmed my mind. There are no words to express how grateful I am that I found you. I have recommended you to some of the closest people in my life, including my Mom, who is the most important person to me on this plane, and many others. I can't express my thanks in mere language. Please know that you are doing your true soul work and serve as both an example and inspiration for me. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "If you touch one soul in this lifetime, you are a success." You have touched my soul and my heart. Thank You from the very essence of who I am. ~ MAS

I can't thank you enough for that cleansing session! Just like you said, it truly feels like a huge weight off my shoulders...much freer, lighter. I am so delighted - that sense of 'fear' has all but disappeared.  I was skeptical and wondered if feeling better was some kind of psychological response or power of suggestion. But the way I feel is proof enough for me! Thank you so much; I am so grateful! ~ Kristi H.

I have been waiting until some time passed to let you know, because I was hoping it was all real! Things have DEFINITELY changed in my life since the cleanse.  It is pretty amazing. Thanks for what you do! ~ S.W.

I use energetic cleansing techniques as an integral part of healing sessions, to facilitate clarity in readings and to clear unwelcome energies in homes, offices and other locations. I've also been guided to offer training in the powerful and beneficial process of cleansing (see Energetic Cleansing Workshop Series).

All healing sessions include energetic clearing/cleansing to remove unwelcome, detrimental and blocked energies. As the founder of the Order of Archangel Michael and a channel for Michael's energy, I have been guided to work extensively to clear, cleanse and transmute darkness. Darkness in this instance simply refers to any energy that does not recognize itself as part of the Oneness, existing in the illusion of separateness from the Divine totality. (This usage has no relation to yin and yang, feminine and masculine, which are a natural part of all of us.)

Archangel Michael's Sword of Light transmutes darkness and detrimental energy through ultimate, unconditional Love, restoring it to the Light of Source. The Sword cuts through energetic cords that bind us or leech our energy, dissolves energetic obstacles, and cleanses detrimental energies and thoughtforms. Michael's Shield provides a safe haven for cleansing to take place, and his cobalt blue-white flame blazes through blockages.

Other Light Beings also participate in the cleansing process. The Violet Transmuting Flame of Zadkiel, Archangel of Ascension, Mercy and Transmutation, along with St. Germain, brings cleansing light to release karmic ties, bring forgiveness, cleanse karmic debt and clear karma related to specific issues (physical or emotional) or discordant relationships. Many of the seven major Archangels as well as the Council of Light members whom I channel contribute to the experience. The Unity or Christ Consciousness provides a healing atmosphere of unconditional love throughout the cleansing/healing, and Earth Mother grounds the entire experience so that deep healing may manifest in the physical realm.

Several layers of detritus are often removed in a single healing session (depending on how ready the client is to release these energies). Energetic cleansing is vital to the healing process and greatly enhances what may be achieved in a session.

The cleansing generally takes place in all the energy bodies—physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. Archangel Michael guides the clearing process; so my focus is on those areas that most need cleansing and healing. In most cases, clients who seek healing for a specific dis-ease or injury will release detrimental energy from the affected areas and be able to open more fully to the benefits of energetic therapy.

Possible results of energetic cleansing:
  • Feeling lighter and more at peace
  • Reduced anxiety or stress
  • Greater mental/emotional clarity
  • Increased sense of awareness and clarity
  • Enhanced ability to heal
  • A focused, in-depth cleansing session (primarily cleansing rather than healing work) costs $99 for one hour or $55 for a half hour. (Order of Archangel Michael members receive a $5 discount.)

    To schedule a session, click here to contact Diana via email or call her at 919-264-0159.

    This work can also be performed for animal companions who have experienced past trauma, have unexplained symptoms or behaviors (especially anxiety, fear of separation, etc.), or who are suffering from acute or chronic conditions. Diana has done successful sessions with dogs, cats and birds both on site in their homes and remotely. Animal energetic cleansing costs $80 for an hour or $45 for half hour. If travel is required (for in-home treatment), the travel time will be incorporated into session fees.

    "Thank you so much for what you did for my cat. She is so much better and I feel better too!" ~ SB

    Cost for energetic healing, which includes some cleansing but is primarily energy therapy, is $65-133 for a one-hour, full-body session. A half-hour, targeted session costs $45.

    Click title to read Diana's Article, Energetic Cleansing: An Essential Process.

    Checks and cash payments are typical for services. If you wish to make an electronic payment, click on the Donate button below to connect to www.Paypal.com and enter the cost of the service you have chosen plus a $2 processing fee. For example, the cost for a one-hour energetic cleansing session is $99; so the total would be $101.00 to pay using paypal.com. 

    Usually once or twice each year we hold a special two-hour Gathering of Angels event for Angelic Group Cleansing and Healing. The description of this type of event is shown below. It's a great opportunity to receive the cleansing work at a bargain price (sliding scale of $22 to $44) in a group setting. To be informed of these events, contact Diana to sign up for her monthly events email, or join A Gathering of Angels meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/angels-75/.

    Annual Angelic Group Cleansing & Healing Sessions in Raleigh:

    Join us for an evening of deep cleansing and channeling to release detrimental energies and issues that no longer serve you. Relinquish as much as you’re willing of fear residue, karmic debt and discordant energies that have prevented you from embracing a life of greater joy!

    Diana will channel Archangels Michael, Metatron, Zadkiel and Raphael among other Light Beings to anchor the cleansing Blue Flame, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the White Light of Purification along with the Emerald Ray of healing to assist those present in releasing whatever detritus each one is ready to and embracing radiant health, peace, harmony, joy, love and a multitude of blessings. This group session includes:

        • Cleansing & Healing Meditation and Channeling
        • Channeled Cleansing from Archangel Michael, Metatron and Zadkiel
        • Channeled Healing messages from Archangels Raphael, Chamuel and Uriel as well as other Light Beings 

    Diana Henderson, Order of Archangel Michael founder, intuitive, channel and healing arts practitioner, will hold the energies of the Light Beings to anchor the Sword of Light, the cleansing Blue Flame, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the White Light of Purification for the purposes of cleansing and the Rays of Healing and Divine Love to invite radiant health, peace, harmony, joy and a multitude of blessings.


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