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Karmic Cleansing and Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration*

*Note that this is different from the shamanic process of Soul Retrieval. This technique is strictly related to other lifetimes and is angelic rather than shamanic in its nature and origins. If you do not align with angelic work, this class is not for you.

Karmic Cleansing: For many years, I've included karmic cleansing in my work to help clients in the healing process and in moving beyond life issues that couldn't seem to be addressed in any other way. I'll devote approximately half of this class to sharing the techniques for cleansing karmic debt and clearing karmic wounds that Spirit has taught me through the years as well as some that more recently have been added to the process.

*Potential Results of karmic cleansing:
  • Feeling lighter and more at peace
  • Greater mental/emotional clarity
  • Increased sense of awareness and clarity
  • Enhanced ability to heal chronic issues
Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration: As the Ascension energies flood the planet, many new processes for accessing soul gifts are likely to come into being. This one was given to me by Spirit in part to help us acclimate to the heightened energies we now absorb by embodying the soul gifts that we have known in other lifetimes.

Another purpose of this technique involves accessing, clearing and integrating lost aspects of the psyche or soul that we left behind.
I've done past life regressions on others since 1997 and have had many regressions myself as well. Yet, even though I integrated them afterward in ways both conscious and unconscious, I always felt that I wasn't able to access the treasures of those lives fully. This technique brought me to a deeper level of accepting the gifts of my past lives and the wisdom of the journey. Using this as a follow-up to past life regression is a marvelous addition, but the technique works beautifully on its own as well. 

In the second half of the class, you will learn this simple yet amazing technique for accessing multiple lifetimes (on this and other worlds) to bring back those parts of you that are missing. Soul gifts are awakened in the process when that is appropriate. It is important to note that clients will not be accessing all of their lives at once nor very many in a single session—only what is appropriate and helpful at the time of that session.

*Potential Results of Multiple-Lifetime Soul Integration:
  • Heightened spiritual connection
  • Deeper understanding of your journey
  • Awakening of soul gifts (possibly right away though generally done over time as you download them from the I Am Presence)
  • Energetic integration of issues (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Empowerment of soul purpose
The class is taught on a Saturday or Sunday and lasts approximately 6-7 hours. The location is in Cary or Raleigh (depending on class size). 

Cost: Sliding Scale of $122 to $144

Requirements: Regular meditation practice, an understanding of the I Am Presence, intuitive awareness
and belief in the assistance of Angels of the Light

If interested in participating in this class or scheduling a session for this work, contact me by email by clicking here or call 919-264-0159. 

Learn more about Karmic Cleansing/Multiple Lifetime Soul Integration sessions at http://www.dianahenderson.net/combination.html. Note: Session cost: One hour: $99 / 90 minutes: $144

Please be aware that this class is only for serious applicants—those who are consciously working toward the goal of Ascension/Enlightenment. Practitioners of the healing arts are most welcome provided that you align with the Light.

*All experiences are unique as each person is; so it isn't possible to predict your exact results. These are simply some of the potential ones. Everything unfolds as you are ready, and your I Am Presence, which is deeply involved in this work, will only share what you are ready to receive at this time.

Diana's photo As a young child, I went out of my body often traveling with my primary/lifelong spirit guide and Cherokee ancestor, who was a medicine man during his life. He taught me about my heritage and the ways of Spirit and guided me as I lived and learned. My beloved friends the angels and nature spirits were with me as a young child too as I was joyfully aware of the invisible realms at that time.

As I grew older and the roots of fear invaded my consciousness, that Divine connection faded into the background, replaced by the "real world" perspective that I was taught. But still my guides and angel friends abided with me and waited for the day when I would re-awaken, the time when I would consciously open to the wisdom of Spirit again. That
re-awakening began in my early 20s and continued slowly for many years until my training in Reiki and then DNA Activation in the 1990s when at last I returned to being my true self. I am so deeply grateful to the Divine for bringing me back to the truth of my soul!

When I found Reiki in 1996, i
t felt like "coming home." For many years I've worked joyfully as a Reiki Master Teacher, certified Therapeutic Breathwork facilitator, DNA Activation and Healing practitioner and intuitive. My long-time interest in metaphysics coupled with a need for healing led me to the study and practice of many alternative health modalities. During my years of study, I've taken courses in Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Quantum Touch, Chakra Toning, Muscle Testing, Parapsychology, Spirituality, Dreams, Tarot, Medicine Wheel and Astrology among many, many others on this path of remembering what my spirit already knew.

In April 1995, my husband and I founded a group devoted to spiritual and psychic exploration. More recently, we began Metatron's Circle Divine Wisdom group, the
Order of Archangel Michael and A Gathering of Angels. All are devoted to expansion of consciousness and healing of the planet.

In the past, I've worked as a graphic artist, writer and high school English teacher. I feel that all these areas contribute to the path I walk now as teacher, spiritual
counselor, ascension artist and healing facilitator.

Licensed by the State of North Carolina in the Art of Healing
Member, International Association of Reiki Professionals

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